About us

The INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPOSITION, formerly known as the Western Buying Conference and Eastern Buying Conference, was established in the mid 80's. join us as we celebrate our 2nd Annual Exposition this coming January 2020.

We welcome all the Professional Beauty Distributors and OTC Stores to attend and with the "Power of a Network" we are able to bring all our manufacturers under one roof. The Manufacturers and Manufacturers Representatives are armed and ready with great discounts and deals.


The INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPOSITION is your unique opportunity to:

-See first-hand the newest and finest beauty products.
-Find new professional beauty manufacturers
-Meet industry peers and discover ways to expand your sales
-Make more informed purchase decisions.
-Obtain exciting promotional discounts

We offer travel incentives to help with the cost of coming to the show.
We also have a cocktail reception for everyone to relax and unwind and as always, the show meals are complimentary to everyone attending the INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPOSITION.